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Who We Are

TBEC GROUP OF COMPANIES was established in 2019 in The Netherlands. Today, TBEC has its headquarters at The Hague. TBEC Group of Companies, is a dutch investment company with diverse portfolio in fintech solutions, media and entertainment, marketing and advertisement, health & fitness, education, logistics and supply chain, tourism & hospitality, and Information Technology industries.

Our Mission

“Dreams are not what you go to sleep to see but rather, it keeps you awake from sleep to achieve the unthinkable”. TBEC GROUP OF COMPANIES is encumbered with dreams and vision to enrich humanity through her networks and subsidiaries. TBEC envisions a future built on utopia, where our services enhance values of life. Our commitment is built on a sustainable path to embrace all fields and spheres of life and guarantee excellence.

What we do

Here are the areas we cover, both internationally and locally. We have you covered on every aspect.

Information Technology

We also provide services in Information technology globaly and locally, rendering IT services to small and big enterprises

Educational Sector

We cover the educational sectors like, study abroad programs for undergraduate, masters, PhD and pathway.

Logistics Industry

We help secure transportation of goods and services locally and internationally to any country of the world.

Health & Hospitality

We also have hand in health sectors and hospitality with partnerships and connections with global health companies

Entertainment Sector

We expand our reach to entertainment which involves music and movie production with international recognition.

International Tourism

We also cover international tourism to continents and countries of your choice and an affordable rate

Why choose us?

Check out why we are the best you or your business need to survive every now and then.

Merit Achievements

We have been awarded a meritorious awards for our excellent service rendered so far.


We are an international group of company with subsidiaries in every parts of the world.

Global Partnership

We are also in partnership with most of the big organizations in different sectors to boost our services.

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Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 35, 2595 AN, Den Haag, The Netherlands.

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